Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dilled Potatoes!

I was experimenting one day on how to make fries healthier. While I enjoy the crispy exterior, and fluffy creamy interior, I didn't enjoy the higher amounts of fat and calories that came with one of my favorite junk foods. The obvious solution was to bake the potatoes, but they often fell short of flavor.

Then I remembered an item my mother used to add to her fried potatoes, onion! For some reason onion and potato go together almost as well as potato and rosemary. After that I tried different other accompaniments, and finally stumbled on dill when I was making cod one day.

First, the potato!
Once your potato is skinned, you want to cut it fairly thick. No shoestrings allowed here!

Yep, that'll do.
Depending on the number of people, I cut up between 2-4 large russet potatoes. Don't pile them on top of one another unless you plan on shuffling them around every 5 minutes inside the oven. I recommend a single layer if at all possible, but if you have a lot of people who are going to be eating some of these, use a larger pan and stir them around every 5-10 minutes. 

Add a bit of salt, non stick spray to the pan and about 1/8th cup of diced onion, not much is needed, but if you want more you can definitely add more. 
Add some salt!

Once salted and in the oven @ 425, let them cook for 20-30 minutes checking on them for fork tenderness. Once done remove and sprinkle with dill.

Crispy, and tasty!

Dilled fries with chicken.
This pairs well with fish, chicken, steaks, burgers ect. Just about anything you would normally use fries with, it will work well.

2-4 Russet potatoes
Salt to taste
1/8th cup Onion, diced
Non Stick Spray

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